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Welcome to the online shop for Alan diGangi's websites, http://FithFath.com and http://rodentfancy.com (aka Alchemia for HP-Fen). I used to sell on Etsy (see my great feedback there) but with many small items, the listing (and re-listing) fees on top of paypal's transaction fees resulted in hardly any profit. Most of my customers were finding the etsy store via my website, so I wasn't gaining clientele from etsy. Rather than raise prices on Etsy, I decided to go back to hosting my own store.

I took this shop down for a while as I concentrated on other things. Howver, due to my laptop's touch screen being broken which is very important to me as a disability assistance device) I have put it back up in hopes of raising funds to buy a new screen (The laptop is just a few months old, and while insured, Microcenter will only give me a gift card for the cost of the labtop. The local store has NOTHING in stock that meets my needs for assistive devices, the closest ones being several hundred dollars above the cost of this one, plus the cost of buying insurance all over again- If I had that kind of money, I'd buy two more of this model on ebay as a replacement and a backup!) The screen was not damaged due to carelessness. My spouse stopped breathing in the night after choking on vomit after a seizure. I am impossible to wake up, and it is only because of our wonderful service dog, Mikołaj, who literally dragged me out of bed, that she survived. The EMS workers had some clunky plastic box (a defibrillator i am guessing?) and they dumped it on the bedside table where my laptop was. Although it was closed, there was enough force to crack the screen through the laptop's casing. I can buy a new screen one on ebay for two to three hundred dollars; if I can raise more than that, I can spare my arthritic hands the pain (I have Ehlers Danlos disease) and have a local computer repair shop do the work. Currently, I can either use the keyboard with touch screen turned off- but its just a matter of time before the crack gets worse and it dies completely. I can only use it for short spurts of time. Switching between keyboard, touch screen, tablet and mouse help prevent my fingers and wrists from locking up. Even the mouse won't work on the side where the crack is, even with the touch screen feature turned off. I have a tablet for back up, but it lacks the memory to run the most basic of programs I uses. It hurts my hand to hold it, but if I but it in a holder/easle type thing, its too far from my face and I can't read it- so I hunch over and injure my neck which goes 'pop' if I bend it the wrong way. Even reading books the old fashioned way has become out of the question because of my EDS. :-(

FOR THOSE THAT DO NOT KNOW ME: I am a semi-independent Autistic and have Ehlers-Danlos disorder. Besides dabbling with creative things, I am fascinated by rodent behaviour and genetics.

Payment is currently accepted through PayPal. Shipping is done via USPS and can be expected to arrive in 5-7 for USA purchases. Overseas can take longer. OVER SEASE BUYERS- if your item says "EMAIL me" for shipping costs, please send me a list of what you want to buy and I will find out the weight and thus cost to ship. I put this shop up in a hurry and have not had time to research the best shipping options for each item.

If you have a "Brick and Mortar" store and would like to resale my hand-made pet toys, please email me! I can sell a bulk order that is a variety of toys, or you can request a certain size / materials.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email. Please allow me a couple days to reply; sometimes I have days that are overwhelming.

ABOUT LOGGING IN: I don't save, let alone share, any data collected when you create an account. The purpose of logging in is simply to keep your cart active and figure out shipping costs before you "check out". When you are ready to check out, your cart (the items you want to buy) will be sent to PayPal, and you will log in with your PayPal account info. You can pay with your paypal balance or a credit card or bank account linked to PayPal. DO NOT USE YOUR PAYPAL PASSWORD FOR YOUR SHOPPING ACCOUNT ON FITHFATH! Make up a new password. If you bought from here in the past and forgot it, it isn't even important to reclaim and reset the account. Just create a new one. It really makes no difference


I have not made one of those donation / fund me type accounts. I tried this a year or so ago when someone dumped a dog on us and we were trying to find it a home and couldn't afford to feed it or hire a dog walker until a no-kill breed-specific shelter had space. I put several full days worth of time into 'marketing' and after the site's fees, the merchant's/paypal fees not to mention my time/energy, a month later I still had not raised enough to cover food costs. So I am hoping that sales and word of mouth will be more productive this time around.

If you would like to donate, without purchasing anything (or in addition to purchasing something) you can do that via PayPal: