A Suburban Farm of 6th Happiness.


We’ve had chickens for several years, yes, even when we rented. A couple of bantam hens can be pleasant house pets. We used a large dog crate as a cage, fitted with branches for roosting, and cardboard secured all around the bottom to help keep bedding from being kicked out.  You can even buy fabric ‘panties’ for them, which hold a disposable lining, so that they can spend time out of the cage without pooping on your floors.  ‘Flight Suits’ for parrots can also be used for this same purpose, for the small bantam sized chickens.

Our first chickens were a trio of white silkies.  It was something of a ‘meant to be’ experience.  At the time I was looking for a pet guinea pig, and saw an ad for ‘three white silkies’ free to good home.  In guinea pigs, ‘silkies’ are long-haired pigs.  We contacted the owner, went out to pick them up, and were shocked to see they were not tribble-like fur balls, but tiny feathered dinosaurs.  We took them anyway, and the rest is history.

Pasquale & Sylvia

We later adopted various other chickens, learning about the different breeds (and mixes).  Our first rooster, Pasquale, was a bantam that someone left at a local feedstore.  He and one of our bantam mixes, Sylvia, produced and hatched the first baby chick we raised to adulthood, Doodle.  You can read more about Doodle on this post.

Our Chickens & Experiences…

Some of our current chickens, free ranging on our property…

Chicks eating a tomato wedge

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