A Suburban Farm of 6th Happiness.


My name is Alan and I inherited a love for animals and gardening from my grandfather who was a farmer in Poland until WWII.  I am also autistic (fairly high functioning in quiet environments, after much work) and have Ehlers Danlos, a joint disease.

I harvested a basket worth of veggies every day from a small garden at our last rental (2007-2010); plenty for our two adult household, with extras to share!

I was container gardening for years and now that I have my own property, I am gardening in the ground (and in containers still).  I plant a new fruit tree every year.  We have apples, pears, cherries and peaches! Since the mid 1990’s I have been breeding (and showed) fancy pet rats and gerbils which have their own website at http://www.RodentFancy.com as well as chickens (primarily bantams when we rented; some are no bigger than a common parrot and a pair or trio can make great indoor pets, especially if trained to wear a flight suit with a diaper liner).  We eventually found a nice ranch house in a quiet suburb; at the time a neighbour even had a pair of horses, but they have since passed away.   We’ve since met several others with chickens or ducks, like us.  And as I have always wanted, ever since I was a little kid and had a stuffed toy lamb, we now have a tiny flock of Babydoll sheep- a ‘miniature’ breed that is smaller than our pet dogs!

I still do many things the way my grandfather taught me, and when I need to learn new things, I look for organic and sustainable options whenever possible.

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