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Its a New Year! We have new ….

by Alan - February 2nd, 2019.
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Its a new year and we have a new Facebook page!  Please give us a “Like” as it will be the easiest way to stay the most up to date on whats going on!


For example, you may have read about our wonderful Polish Tatra Sheepdogs that help watch over our poultry and sheep, as well as are trained Disability Service Dogs.   After trying the ‘natural’ way and not getting anywhere, we finally gave in and went to a reproductive vet specialist as we were worried about the dogs becoming too old to breed if we waited any longer.   We almost did wait too long, as the specialist vet said he didn’t think our male was able to produce enough sperm to make even transcervical insemination successful….I decided to try anyway- after all we had done to get to this point- and what do you know- there were four pups that implanted, 3 boys and a girl.

Sadly, the first baby, a boy, lodged sidewise, sort of folded in half (as the vet who did the emergancy c-section described it), and died of lack of oxygen.  The other three are healthy and growing quickly.We are so proud and happy of our first litter and hope to have more (planned earlier so we aren’t racing against the clock).

We’ll have many photo updates on Facebook and will get up an application and sales contract sample up soon.   Pups will be ready once we are able to evaluate them well enough to feel we can tell which would be good LGD prospets verses which would be good SD prospects.

Puppies born by c-section on 9 Jan 2019 (conceived 11 Nov 2018).  Above photo taken the morning after, on the 10th.

They grow so fast….Photo below shows the pups at 3 weeks old. 



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