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Update on Computer repairs, Thank yous, and life….

by Alan - May 15th, 2017.
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Thank you to everyone who has helped us get my laptop touch screen and wacom pen fixed after they were damaged during a 911 emergancy call (see previous post here: http://fithfath.com/farm/2017/05/08/need-help-with-laptop-damaged-during-medical-emergancy/ )

I know some of those who have helped are cautious about their real names, which are often attached to the paypal accounts, being shared publically, and I forgot to ask how/if people wanted to be thanked since I am not using something like GoFundMe (why is also explained in previous post/link) which automatically does that.  So I’ve just given initials, and if you’d like me to expand to the full name and/or change it to a different name you use online, just let me know.  I also want to be sure I get everyone thanked, as I’m still pretty sick and low on spoons and don’t wan’t to risk making mistakes and forgetting anyone…so!

Thank you kindly to:

  • TA  $  5.00
    $  5.00 (sent separately)
  • EF  $50.00
  • AL  $50.00
  • JL   $20.00
  • GvL$20.00
  • LC   $33.00

We’ve raised $183.00 !

THANK YOU ALL very much!  I found the screen for my laptop  (HP Omen P/N: 811202-001) on Ebay ranging from $150 to $300.  I’ve Messaged the person selling one that is now in my price range thanks to your donations to verify that it has the touchscreen capabilities, and is not JUST the visual part.   I really hope so!  Because I can afford that one now.  The other one I saw on ebay was around $300.  Waiting to hear back that it is exactly what it claims to be by the part number, my fingers are crossed!  Will update here when I find out.


I am so depresssed!   The item on ebay with the right part number turns out to only be the visual part of the screen, NOT the touch screen.  Why would you use the same part number for two different things??? 

Unless someone knows where else I can get the parts, or has the same laptop that is dead for another reason (eg: dead motherboard etc), I need to raise almost double what I have already as its $300 🙁  Here’s the reply from the seller I asked just to be sure before spending the money… (click to enlarge).

SO… I am still accepting donations because I still need to:

  • raise another $120 (not counting paypal fees if sent via non-friends means) to cover the cost of the replacement touch screen,
  • need to get the Wacom tablet pen replaced, and
  • if at all possible would like to get enough for the laptop repair work to be done at a repair shop. 
    While I CAN do it on my own if I can’t raise enough, but because of Ehlers-Danlos, (which is why the need for multiple assistive input devices to switch between frequently so my joints don’t lock up, like the touch screen and Wacom tablet pen), I have bad arthritis / dislocating joints, and dismantling a laptop to replace the screen is a very involved job- you have to pretty much take everything apart to get at the connectors, and all the screws and other parts are so teeny-tiny, then put the entire thing back together again.  I’ve done it before, when I was more able bodied, and it was horrible even then.

With the Intuos Wacom Tablet- the tablet itself, and the mouse, are fine, I only need the pen… if anyone has an old pen they no longer need/use, you could mail me that and then I wouldn’t have to buy it!  I even have extra nibs, so if yours is missing the nibs, no worries!!!  Then pens seem  to be inter changable, you don’t have to have had the same size/model tablet as i have, just Wacom.   It looks like the one in this auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wacom-Intuos-2-Grip-Pen-XP-510E-03A-with-5-New-Nibs-New-Button-New-Grip

Some people also asked about ways to help that did NOT involve PayPal / cash.   Totally understand that…  

Per private chats, we still need to figure out proper scripts for glasses as we have been sharing the same pair that is about 5 yrs old.  How pathetic is that?  Our health issues make it difficult for us to both be able to get out to get something like this done at the same time (Tam can’t drive due to the seizures, so we both have to be well at the same time, and i can’t be suffering from insomnia etc to drive safely)  Until I figure out the right script, there is no use in wasting money on something that will be the wrong prescription.  We’ve made it this long.

I made an Amazon Wishlist that is basic needs for the two of us.  You can find that here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1V8J4ZDQB06Y0/ref=cm_wl_list_o_3?&sort=priority  It’s what we spend most of our money on (other than mortgage and utilities and medical prescriptions), so any help with those things means we can divert money from that to the computer repair (and glasses etc once I get that figured out).

If you want to give me something for fun, to distract me from stresses, my regular  ”wishlist” (mostly books) is here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3L8OAYYUWCO7D/ref=cm_wl_list_o_0?&sort=priority  But the other wishlist is far more important.  Thank you.

IF YOU HAVE A WACOM PEN to mail or other supplies etc to mail, contact me for a mailing address.  THANK YOU!

Exhausted must try to sleep now.

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