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Baby Chicks, and the start of a new breed project…

by Alan - April 25th, 2017.
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I am very excited about our baby chicks this year!   I am still working on the page about them, and which will be available for Chicago area enthusiasts to purchase.   The reason I have so many extra chicks to place this year, is that I have a genetic project I have long drempt of doing… to get all the foundational breeds / genetics to start working with, I had to order from different hatcheries, from breeders who sold hatching eggs, and also have some hatched from our own flock!  I couldn’t find all the breeds/mutations I needed at one place,  so I had to go to another, and yet another…. and each one has shipping minimums, so I had to order extras.  I will soon get a page up listing the extras I have available for purchase.   You can read about the new breed project on the page I have set up for it.

And as it was impossible to get all the breeds/genetics from one hatchery. I will also soon have up reviews from three hatcheries and an egg supplier.  For those that want home-hatched eggs, I have some of those available too!   Watch this space 😉


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  1. Hi
    I live in Chicago and have been raising chickens for over 5 years. I love having chickens but need a few more. Where are you located?


  2. I emailed you; I do still have a few buff orps, RIRs and crossbred blue hens hatched this spring that are still available. We are in the far west suburbs. – Al

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