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Chicks available in April

by Alan - April 2nd, 2017.
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Not to ‘count our eggs before they are hatched…. but we will have extra chicks this year, so if you are interested in some started pullets (or even roos!) you may want to bookmark and visit back in a couple weeks.  Our chicks this year will be a combination of hatchery chicks, and incubated eggs, from both our own chickens and from hobby breeders.

I’m very excited about this years chicks as I have been planning a project to create an unique breed, and some of these will be for that.  Others are just because some of my hens are getting up in age and these are breeds I happen to like for eggs and for pets.  I also really like the Speckled Sussex breed, and when someone gave us a male bantam Speckled Sussex, I just loved it.  I finally was able to get some hatching eggs, so I hope to start a little flock of those.

Chick breeds I am getting are listed below.  For ‘newbie’ backyard chicken keepers, ‘straight run’ means that you just get what is hatched- so generally a 50/50 male to female split.  Bolded ones I will have the most of, by which I mean 8 – 10 available, limited means I’ll have 1 – 3 available, assuming that most hatch/survive:

Standard sized:

  • Cuckoo Marans (Females)
  • Speckled Sussex (Females and a couple males)
  • Buff Orpington (Females)
  • Rhode Island Reds (Females)
  • Salmon Faverolle (Females and a couple males)
  • Egyptian Fayoumis (Straight Run; very limited)
  • Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben (Straight Run; very limited)


  • Speckled Sussex (straight run, but will be sexable on hatching.  These may not be available until early May)
  • Buff Brahma Bantams (straight run; very limited)
  • Buff Orpington (straight run; very limited)
  • Dominique (straight run, but will be sexable on hatching; very limited)
  • Easter Egg Bantams (straight run; very limited)
  • Black Breasted Red Phoenix (straight run; very limited)
  • Mille Fleur D’uccles (straight run; very limited)

I’m told I’ll get some ‘extras’ thrown in but no ideas yet what those breeds will be.  Both large and bantam sizes.
I’m also getting Light Brahma (had one but getting them a friend) and Lavender Orpingtons, but will be keeping these for breeding.

Later in the year, I may try hatching some large/standard sized Easter Eggers, but I don’t have the incubator space to do that now.  If you are interested in EE chicks, or would like some eggs to try hatching yourself, let me know.  I have 2 hens and a rooster.  I could also hatch or provide eggs from our EE rooster over Cuckoo Marans, Speckled Sussex, and Rhode Island Reds – mixing blue egg gene with brown egg gene produces green shelled eggs.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON ROOSTERS: Due to the difficulty in placing roosters, if you want a rooster please contact me ASAP.  I will require a deposit if you cannot pick them up within a few days.  Any roosters that do not work into our breeding plans, and are not claimed before they start to crow, will be humanely euthanised and offered to local snake owners, or wildlife rehabbers, as food.

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