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2017 Lambs

by Alan - February 28th, 2017.
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We have 2 lambs this year, both are white ewes.  One is from Carmen, and the other is from her daughter Equinox Joy.  Carmen’s other daughter, Sheepdog sadly had stillborns possibly because a lamb was on the large size and may have taken too long in labour. This was her first year lambing so based on feedback from others in the babydoll community, we will give her another year as this may have just been poor luck combined with inexperience.  Information and photos of our sheep, and availability, can be found on the sheep page.  You can also email me at:


Mikołaj (POlish Tatra Sheepdog) with our second ewe lamb of 2017

Mikołaj (Polish Tatra Sheepdog) checks out our second ewe lamb of 2017

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