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First Lamb of the 2017 Season!

by Alan - February 22nd, 2017.
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Late on the evening of the 21st of February, Animal Instinct’s Carmen, our herd’s ‘matriarch’, gave birth to our first lamb of the season!  It is a little off-white ewe-lamb.  Carmen’s daughter, Equinnox Joy, and her daughter, Sheepdog, are both still expecting.  Last year, Joy gave us twins, so I hope that she will twin again, and that Sheepdog will take after her.  Fingers crossed!

I am finishing up forms and photographs needed to get the herd properly registered (finally!) with NABSSAR, so by the time they are ready for new homes, I should registration papers available for those that want them.

I will not know how many lambs, or of what sex(es), will be available until after the other two girls give birth.  I may place lambs only, or I may place a lamb with mother… we will see.   I expect only off-white lambs.  I likely will be rehoming Diego, who is the father of these lambs.  He was just born last year.  And I will thus be looking for a new ram to replace him, so I am open to trades.

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