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Doodle’s Broken Foot

by Alan - October 24th, 2014.
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Pat and Sylvia

In going through old files, I came across some photos I meant to post a while back but forgot about.  Doodle was a special hen- the very first we had hatched from our very own chickens- Sylvia and Pasquale (shown here).

And of course, obligatory ‘baby’ pics of her…

Pasquale has always been a very involved, paternal rooster…

Anyway, the point of this post is that she broke her foot.   How it happened, I don’t know, but one day, she didn’t want to leave the coop, and when we brought her inside, it was clear she couldn’t walk.  Even limping was more of a stumbling act.

There were no open wounds, and nothing seemed out of alignment.  We carefully made sure that her leg and foot were in a natural position, and used a popsical stick as a split, and for reinforcement.  Then we carefully wrapped her foot using that all purpose supply… duct tape (black coincidentally, although silver or hot pink would work just as well).   She was able to hobble around with the cast on, as the popsical stick provided support and acted as a crutch.  She didn’t venture far from the coop as she knew she couldn’t run for cover quickly (had she lacked in this “street smarts” for chickens, we’d have kept her inside; but since she was smart, we knew she’d be happier (and thus get healthy faster) in the company of her flock.

I didn’t think to photograph putting it on, or her walking in it, but I did remember to photograph removing the cast. … (the following images can be clicked to see larger)

All better!!!  First thing she had to do was clean her foot.  And then dash off to see what treats we had for the flock…

Here is one last pic (pre-injury)… Doodle with her parents:

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