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New Chicks

by Alan - June 14th, 2012.
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Our order of chicks and poult (baby turkeys) arrived from Cackle Hatchery last week.  Although we one, the rest are doing well.  This was a MUCH better experience than when we ordered from McMurray’s and half the chicks arrived dead in the box; most of the others died off over the following days.  Even the replacements from McMurrays died.

When I first looked into shipping, I was warned that “a few” can be expected to be dead or die soon after- and as a fancy rat breeder, I know its not uncommon to loose an occasional baby in the first few days of life- that’s nature.  So, while I’m sad about the one we lost, we have lots of adorable, active chicks to focus on instead- every single one we ordered, and even a couple extras.  That really is a good success rate.  (I just, really wish it wasn’t the turkey we lost, since that was point of the shipment, the chicks were like a bonus).

Other pro’s about Cackle:  they were nice on the phone and you can combine turkeys with chicks- this allows you to get as few turkeys as you want – and you can order any number/combination of the breeds they offer  (almost all other hatcheries required a 15 minimum on turkeys, often requiring them to be the same breed; even combining orders this time with 2 other local hobbyists, we didn’t need that many, and we didn’t all want the same breed!)

The one draw back from ordering from Cackle is that when ordering chickens (not other poultry though) you must order at least 5 of a breed/colour (or order one of their assortment specials, but then you can’t pick what you want).  There is also a 15 (or 25) minimum per shipment so the chicks stay warm (most hatcheries do this;  AFAIK, only MyPetChicken allows you to pick and choose any combination of breeds, with as few as 3 in a shipment, by using heat-packs…. but every time I went to their site, they were sold out of what I wanted.

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Just Arrived!
Chicks are shipped in boxes like this via the US postal system. They survive the trip because they have a couple days worth of food/liquid stored from the egg. That is our dog, Mikołaj’s, nose in the photo. He was as excited as we were when they arrived. He always follows with me to check on them. Maybe these chicks will grow up to be calmer around him than our other chickens who were already adults when we got him. He simply does not understand why they run away from him, when all he wants to do is snuggle and groom them.

Some slate turkeys. Although they will be much bigger than the chickens when fully grown, they are about the same size as the chicken hatchlings!

Left to Right: Light Brahma, Easter Egger, Welsummer and another Easter Egger.

Barred Rock Chicks

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