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Meet Poppy the Ram

by Alan - March 28th, 2012.
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Here is Poppy, an adult Babydoll Ram from Michele Hill.   We look forward to having lambs from him and Carmen next year.   Although we could have looked for a ram lamb, I’ve read too many (conflicting) stories about how they should be treated to be sure that they grown up well adjusted and not overly dominant to the point of being dangerous.  By getting an adult (Poppy was born in ’09), there would be no guess work for me in what his temperament would be like.

Carmen, Zeus and Fozzie all happily welcomed Poppy to the mini flock.

In the photos below, you can see that Poppy came to us already sheared by electric shears; while Carmen and Zeus were blade sheared (think scissors) by myself.  It is normal for blade-sheared sheep to have up to 10 mm of wool still on the body while those done with electric shears can be shaved very close to the skin.    Fozzie is still in full wool.  Because of my joint condition, I only do one sheep a day, so that I do not over-tax myself.  I just didn’t get to Fozzie yet.  I thought it’d be interesting to see a comparison of electric verses blade sheared, and also of just how much bigger they can appear when in full wool!

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  1. Next to bunnies, my favorite animals! Sheep and chickens! It’s quite surprising how much smaller our wooly friends are under all their wool. I have a Jersey Wooly rabbit that looks almost as big as her Californian friend but barely weighs 3 pounds. My best to the 6th Happiness farm!

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