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Mikołaj’s First Halloween!

by Alan - October 31st, 2011.
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He was the only dog people were asking to have their photo taken with…. but the store employees didn’t give him one of the 5 possible prizes. A dog that someone just slapped a wig and a tutu on however was.

Mikołaj also turned 1 year old a few days ago. He’s around 105 lbs and growing (slower though now).

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2 Responses to Mikołaj’s First Halloween!

  1. We are looking for a tatra puppy and are having difficulty finding a breeder. Would you mind emailing me your breeder’s information? My husband is Polish and loves has wanted a tatra for years. Mikolaj is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    We got our tatra from Andrew Tokarz. He doesn’t have a website far as I know, but he participates on the LGD Working dogs Yahoo List which is a good source of info. I think he has a litter that might still have an available pup in it; his dogs are raised working, on a farm, not as show dogs/in a house. If you join the list, you can email him through it. The post about puppies is here: http://…workingLGDs/message/54521
    PS. I’m assuming you’re either in the Greater Chicagoland area or easily able to drive out here, as that is where I and Mikołaj’s breeder are.

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