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Meet Carmen

by Alan - July 12th, 2011.
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Carmen is our newest sheep, and the youngest of our itty bitty 3-sheep herd in the suburbs.    She comes from Patricia Chambers’ Animal Instincts and is registered with the North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association and Registry.

This will be the last sheep we get for some time.  While ewes can be bred as soon as they are fertile, it is best to allow them to put all their energy into growing big and strong, and breed them when they are two years.  I’m told you can wait until three as well, but best not to go later than that as their hips could fuse leasing to difficult lambing.  This gives us plenty of time to decide if and when it will be right for us to breed (and if we do breed, if we will get a ram, or have Carmen visit another farm for breeding there).

In the mean time, I think they are happier as a trio rather than a pair as it is more flock like.  The two wethers, Fozzie and Zeus, welcomed her with no problem.  The first day here, she didn’t understand what to do to at night (go into the pens and wait for me to bring snacks, fresh water and lock the door).  She stood out in the middle of the yard bleating, for some reason too afraid to follow them, so they turned back and stood on either side of her and waited there bleating for us to come guide her in.  The next night, she had no problem going to bed.

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