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Mikołaj is growing up!

by Alan - May 20th, 2011.
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Mickey is growing up so fast!  It seems like just yesterday  that I could scoop him up and carry him- that I could put him in the shopping cart at the pet shop and let him enjoy the ride.  (see some photos of him when he was younger here: http://fithfath.com/farm/2011/02/22/a-puppy-and-sheep )He’s 7 months old now and over 80 pounds!  I wonder how big he will eventually end up.

Everyone who sees him when I take him out has to ask what he is, and wants to pet him (good thing he is so friendly with people as long as I am comfortable with them!)

Our next project is to build a taller fence as he has learned how to scale the 4ft one that was already installed when we bought this house (and which works fine for the sheep.)   The other day he got out and ran up and down the block.  Thank goodness it is a rural street that is not busy!

The neighbours across the street came to alert us- fortunately they were understanding as they used to have have 3 Great Pyrenees which are notorious escape artists.   A lot of the info on Great Pyrenees (eg: general care, training, etc) apply to the Polish Tatra Sheep Dog too- and it is easier to find info on that breed as the Tatra is extremely rare in North America.  According to the book Livestock Protection Dogs (which I found useful and recommend), there are only around 150 tatras in North America.

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