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Week in Review…

by Alan - May 12th, 2011.
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My Eggzy Egg Stand BadgeWhat I’m trying out: Eggzy, to track my flock’s egg laying. Check out my “Egg Stand” there.

Speaking of Eggs: For a while we were finding no eggs. Then I caught them in the act of eating an egg.   I’m not sure how it began- possibly stress from moving- but I do know a reliable way to fix the problem:  get some plastic eggs, the kind used to put candy inside of for Easter baskets.  Fill them with mustard, or Paper towels soaked in vinegar.  Place these “yuck eggs” in the chicken’s nests.  Be sure to do it often, so that they have many more “yuck” experiences than “yummy” experiences.  Eventually, they stop.  This time it took approximately one week to be back to collecting a couple eggs a day from my four laying hens!

What I’ve Learned: Babydoll sheep like to eat pepper and tomato plants (quite unexpected; my guinea pigs and rabbits wouldn’t even touch those plants)

Little Duck: Aww, here is a photo of our Baby Pekin Duck swimming in the bathroom sink:

Because Little Duck  is imprinted on us, he wants to follow us everywhere.  This makes taking them outside rather easy- they never want to leave our side.  If I get up and move (such as if I am gardening), they just get up and follow me.  I’m sure in time I’ll find something to complain about, but for now, this is refreshingly easy compared to how I have to watch over some of the other species.

What I’m Reading: The Hidden Life of Dogs: an interesting read about a woman and the life of her dogs.  When reading it, it is important to keep in mind this took place several decades ago when things were different (eg: letting your dog out without a leash was not uncommon, nor looked down on, as it is today).  It is also not a how-to book or a scientific experiment…. it is simply a story based on observations about a dog pack.  As such, I found it interesting and insightful.  I was surprised how strongly people feel about the book, either loving it, or hating it, as revealed in reviews at Amazon.

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